WOOD-CARVED original and inspiring artworks


Wood-carved artworks

Discover my carvings on timber wood.

wood carving detail

Behind the wood-carved series

When I work on a new solo exhibition, I always try to experiment with new techniques.
It doesn’t mean that I pretend to invent anything.
I just want to acquire new skills and become a better artist.
In the past I worked on handmade drawings, screen-prints or font design.
This time I have decided to work with wood.
The idea is to produce a series of wood-carved artworks.
I want to work with premium wood in a modern and creative way.
I will give you my version of an ancient heritage.

artwork carved on wood
Picture of my first wood-carved artwork.
Artwork specifications: 50x70x3cm.
Technique: handmade wood-carving and glossy car lacquer on solid mahogany timber.

Preserving an age-old tradition

The history of wood-carved artworks is traced back to the origin of humanity.
Everywhere on earth archaeologists have found primitive carved-artifacts.
The first human beings have carved tools and figures out of wood.
From native American to the first Asian civilizations, people have sculpted small representations of themselves. Recent studies show that the carvings were often painted to enhance the effects and protect the wood.
Throughout the centuries some religions have forbidden wood figures. Other civilizations have carve patterns on panels to decorate their place of worship.
Today demand for wood-carved art is low. Carving seems out-of-fashion.
I love wood. I like the texture of timber. I love the gentle touch of mahogany and teak.
I also love to draw. This art series combines my two passions.

wood carving tools



How do I work on my timber artworks?

All my work on hardwood is hand-made.
Wood-carving is a slow and complicated technique. It requires complex skills and the process is expensive.
I work hand-to-hand with talented craftsmen to fulfill the result I have in mind.

Learn more about the process behind my wood-carved pieces:

    I work on a draft with the result in mind.
    This means that I draw an artwork in two colors with sleek lines and perfect curves.
    When the drawing fully satisfies me, I look for the perfect piece of wood.
    Feel free to scroll down to the section bellow to learn more about the wood I use.
    I reproduce the drawing on a 3 cm thick timber panel.
    I start to carve.
    The challenge is to follow the lines in a specific way to produce a smooth and neat result.
  • 5 | SANDING
    After I finish carving, I smoothly sand the wood to give it softer touch.
    Once the artwork is ready, I apply several thick layers of glossy car lacquer to the un-carved parts.
    I want to create a beautiful contrast between the raw wood and the industrial lacquer.
    I treat the wood with anti-termites and protection chemicals.
    This is it, the artwork is ready.

Wood-carving is a long and costly operation.
It requires patience and skills but I the result is worth the efforts.

Discover the draft I used for this exclusive art piece:

wood-carved draft

easy steps

How to order an original artwork?

Do you want an original art piece carved out of premium wood?
Giving your home this touch of luxury is nothing but easy.

Learn how can work together:

    Send me a personal message to tell me more about you. Let me know what you need and what you like.
    My wood-carved artworks depict girls faces.
    I can work on another topic upon request, like a picture of one of your relative.
    During two or tree weeks, I will email you the progress of my draft.
    I will work on changes until we reach a result that satisfies you.
    At this point you can send me a 50% deposit of the total price.
    After I receive the deposit I will start to work on the carving.
    I need 3 weeks to carve the panel.
    Once I finish the carving I will paint and treat the mahogany. I let it dry during one week.
  • 4 | SHIPPING
    I will send you the artwork after I receive the balance payment.
    I include the shipping costs in the price, so you don’t have additional expenses.

Look at the 4 easy steps bellow to order your wood-carved artwork:

icon email and drawingicon wood-carved and shipping

A touch of luxury on your wall.

What wood do I use?

For this wood-carved artwork, I use premium mahogany.
Mahogany is a reddish-brown timber. This tropical hardwood is widely prized for its durability, natural beauty and outstanding strength. It is generally used to build luxury furniture, boats or quality musical instruments.
When it comes to my artworks, I carefully select legally harvested timbers. I only use one-piece panels with no joints or adhesive substances. The panels are 3 cm thick. The solid panels are more expensive but I want to produce a truly luxury product.
The use of mahogany allows me to work on high-quality artworks that will stand the test of time.

Mahogany panel

Detail of a Mahogany panel, a timber widely praised for its natural grain, beauty and strength.


  • The size of my wood-carved artworks is 50x70x3cm.
  • All artworks are unique and originals.
  • I destroy the draft after production, so nobody can reproduce it.
  • Every step of the production – including the wood-carving – are hand-made.
  • I work with solid wood panel with no joints or glue.
  • I screw two galvanized metal plates on the back to reinforce the panel.
  • I base my price on the cost of the timber, the carving and the shipping.
  • I ship worldwide.
  • I include the shipping costs in the price.
  • I package the art piece carefully to avoid damages during the shipping.
  • The package is delivered directly to your door.
  • The artwork comes with a hanging system, so it is easy to display on any wall.
  • I apply a thick layer of premium car lacquer on the un-carved parts of the wood.
    It includes the sides and the back of the panel.
  • I carve my signature on the back of the timber panel.

artwork carved on wood
You could buy a wood-carved artwork like this one.

Do you want to buy a wood-carved artwork? Easy.