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WAD magazine

From 2005 to 2006 I was working as an Art Associate for WAD magazine.

wad magazine logo on the cover


Working for WAD magazine while living in Paris was a really good experience.
As an international reference for urban (life)style and culture, WAD is an editorial platform for exhibiting the work of artists, photographers, and designers linked to the fashion world.
When I became the art associate, I worked on the layout, commissioned artworks to illustrate the articles and to did a lot of graphic design.
There was always something new and exciting to do with the fashion publication.
On the top of my work as an art associate I wrote tons of articles.
For example I wrote an article about the history of gang cultures in America. Feel free to have a look and read my article about the history of LA gang culture.

Example of pages and covers of WAD magazine


On another hand, I was in charge of supervising the printing process.
It was a hard job to do, but we wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.
I would stay and sleep at the printer for 4 or 5 days. Every 3 hours the printer was ready to print a group of pages and would call me.
I would come and check every page in detail to make sure that everything was great.
When the colors were perfect and the content displayed exactly the way we wanted to, I could give the green light to launch the printing.


There is much more than sitting in the front of your computer when you work as an art director.
You have to work on the layout and design, but also on sourcing relevant artists or photographers to enhance the visual appeal of the publication.
You also have to work hand to hand with the editors department, so you can translate visually the written content they give you.
WAD magazine is an urban fashion publication, so we also had to keep in touch with the last clothing trends from the street culture.

 Cover of Wad magazine size issue S,M,L,XL

Cover of Wad magazine “size issue” S,M,L,XL

Illustrations for WAD magazine

Apart from my job as an art director, I was also a long time contributor of the fashion publication.
WAD has commissioned a lot of my illustrations.
For example I collaborated with my friend Koa on an illustration for the magazine.
Here is the story behind the artwork:
In every issue, WAD showcases clothes designs and logos on a double spread pages.
They ask artists to make a cool visual they insert inside a game board.

    NAME: WAD magazine.
    POSITION: Art associate.
    CONTENT: Fashion, photography, culture.
    YEAR: 2005 to 2006.
    PUBLISHER: Trevilly and family.
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    logo wad magazine