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Eastpak by Mega

Eastpak asked me to work on one of their bags for the Tag My Bag series.

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Why I love Eastpak?

For the past 10 years I travelled a lot.
I used to live and work in Brazil, Argentina, and Australia. Today I am based in Indonesia. Throughout the years I took part in countless solo and group exhibitions around the globe.
I know how important it is to travel with a good bag. This is why I love Eastpak.
Their products are strong and reliable, and I don’t have to worry about broken stuffs when I fly abroad.
Let’s make it clear that they don’t pay me to say that. I genuinely think that their bags are awesome…
More about Eastpak.

John Carrière Eastpak

Final result of the artist collaboration. John Carrière took all the pictures for Eastpak.

How did I work for Eastpak?

Nicolas Pinelli asked to take part in Tag My Bag.
Nicolas Pinelli is a street art enthusiast and activist. He works for several media in Europe, from Last Concept to Graffiti Art magazine. He also works for Eastpak.
Eastpak invited street artists such as Colorz, Le Cyclop, or Shuckone to work on a bag.

Sergeant Paper gallery Paris.

Eastpak and Mega video

Eastpak appointed the talented photographer John Carriere to direct a video of my painting session.
I already met John last year when he came to film an interview during my solo exhibition in Marseille.
John managed to capture the good vibes during my drawing session.

Discover the video of the Eastpak and Mega collaboration:

Behind the artwork

Learn more about how I worked on the bag.
When I drew this artwork, I only had a single white Posca pen. The idea was to do a slick drawing without using a lot of tools.
The bag was a cool material to work on. The texture had a nice touch, and I like the idea of people travelling with my raw canvas.
This Eastpak by Mega was sold on eBay.

Artwork specifications:

  • Model: Transfer M Eastpak bag.
  • Size: 66 x 35 x 33 cm | Volume: 78 liters.
  • Technique: Handmade drawing with white Posca on textile.

Before working for Eastpak, I drew a lot of skateboards.

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