Sydney 2011 solo exhibition | China Heights gallery | Mega art


Opening of my exhibition in Sydney

Check the pictures of the opening night of my touring exhibition in Sydney.

mega in the front of sydney opera

Flight 714

With a lot of memories and a few neurons I fly back to Sydney for my next opening.
Checking my Facebook I see an email from my friend Jasper (owner of Above Second gallery in Hong Kong) who just had one of my artworks tattooed. Big up man!

Aerial view Sydney

Aerial view of Sydney.

China Heights gallery

I get to China Heights just in time to help installing Thomas Campbell’ exhibition. The talented artist is a friendly guy.
Saturday night allows me to practice my street sex technics with a little Asian bride on my way back from the club. That’s how we do.
But it’s time to get back to work and start drawing new tattoos for my friend Vinnie and his girlfriend. Maybe I should open a tattoo parlor…
A black coffee (no sugar please) and I’m ready to face a new week of exciting adventures and crazy experiences.
Absolute concentration.
Unbreakable devotion to my passion.
The ingredients are the same and the recipe is very spicy as usual. Just the way I like it.

Thomas Campbell

Installation of Thomas Campbell show that was presented at China Heights gallery the week before mine

The best art gallery in Sydney

Gallery and artists studio, they share the place with Vice magazine. Satisfaction and excitement. Sponsored by Grolsch beer, the event was announced everywhere in the Australian media, from all the blogs to every specialized website. No real surprise but delight to see the public rushing to the opening. “Amazing”. “Awesome.” “Dope”. “So so so beautiful.” Thank you, I also like what I do. Remember that I put all my soul, my passion, my time -not to mention my money- in that shit.
Time is running out and tomorrow I’m flying to Adelaide.
Local artist Miss K. offered to pick me up at the airport and then stay at her place. Appreciated…

Jurassic country

Sometimes Australia can be a kind of a Jurassic country

touring solo exhibition

Announcement of the Sydney edition of my Longing To Be Knotted Together touring solo exhibition.

China Heights gallery

My screen printed artworks exhibited in China Heights gallery.

solo art exhibition in Sydney

People attending the opening night of my solo art exhibition in Sydney.

Mega merchandising

Mega merchandising for sale during the tour.

graffiti sydney

What more can I say?

university of Newcastle

Art students arriving for my conference in the university of Newcastle.

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Credits of my exhibition in Sydney:

I presented this solo exhibition at CHINA HEIGHTS.
I originally posted this report on my Sydney’s exhibition in French language on STREET TEASE.
I did a conference at the UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE.

balinese legong dancer illustration