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Solo exhibitions

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people attending mega art exhibition in Melbourne

solo exhibitions in the year


Check the pictures of my solo exhibition in Barcelona.

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Solo exhibition in Barcelona

mega solo exhibitions with spanish girlsAs I told you recently, a couple of weeks ago I went to Spain where I presented my new solo exhibition. For those who don’t remember, the art show called Kirtimukhas is a hindu tribute and a graphic reflexion for my last series of drawings. It is a series of 10 original and new handmade artworks on art paper. Barcelona. The city has a really young and arty vibe, which in no way diminishes the great feeling brought to you by the sunny and warm Spanish weather. You know the deal: awesome Gaudi architecture, great food, young artists from all over Europe and drunk pickpockets from all over the world. So I spent a week there, and I stayed in a small and nice hotel in Las Ramblas. The place is in the heart of the catalan city. I mention this because the owner was nice enough to invite me to stay there for free. Big up and thank you Solsyk. Miscelanea gallery is just at a 10mn walking distance from the hotel. So I headed up there straight after I unpacked my bags. I met Fatima, the owner I talked with through email. Fatima and her staff was really cool and lovely. We talked about how to set up the exhibition around a nice coffee and a yummy Spanish meal. I took the decision to paint a character on one of the gallery’s wall. Read more […]

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solo exhibitions in the year


This mega week is a series of art event with solo exhibitions, a live drawing event in a trendy club, a signature session in a prestigious art center and the launch of an artist book.

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Solo exhibition in Paris

Opening night of the solo exhibitionMy exhibition I Just Murdered The Alphabet combines hip-hop punchlines, lettering experiments, and savage craft creations. I presented the artworks at Sergeant Paper in Paris in October 2012. Discover the story behind the creations and the pictures of the opening night. Read more […]

Live drawing at Favela Chic

Live painting by Mega during the Mega party night in ParisFor those who don’t know the place or live on another world, the Favela Chic is one of the trendiest spots in Paris. If you are a famous actor, a talented musician (we are talking international superstars here), a hipster, an amazingly beautiful girl, or just Mega, you are probably to be seen in this place. They have a place in Paris, another in London, and even one in Rio. I was really honored and happy to be invited for an official night of live painting, good vibes, vodka apple (my head!), girls, dance, great music, and nice people. The event was part of the Mega week. We also launched the Mega issue of l’Attrape Rêve. We did it a couple of days after the opening of my solo exhibition at Sergeant Paper. Read more […]

Signature session at Palais De Tokyo

Mega signing a copy of l'Attrape Rêve art publicationAfter a crazy and super fun night of party in the Favela Chic club just the day before, we headed up to the Palais De Tokyo for a signature session of the publication. Sometimes life brings unexpected turns and good news. The Palais De Tokyo is the best and biggest modern and contemporary art center in the French capital. They organize some of the most famous solo exhibitions in Europe. I was surprised when they asked me to come to do a signature session. Read more […]

solo exhibitions in the year


Longing To Be Knotted Together is the name of a touring art show with a series of solo exhibitions around the world.

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Jasper Wong get Mega artwork tattoedCredits of my exhibition in Melbourne:
I presented this solo exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne. The art show was an part of the Carbon festival. The people behind Acclaim magazine made this event possible.
I originally posted this report on my Melbourne’s exhibition in French language on Street Tease. Read more […]


Jurassic countryI go to China Heights just in time to help installing Thomas Campbell’s exhibition. The talented artist is also a friendly guy. Saturday night allows me to practice my street sex technics with a little Asian bride on my way back from the club. That’s how we do. But it’s time to get back to work and start drawing new tattoos for my friend Vinnie and his girlfriend. Maybe I should open a tattoo parlor… A black coffee (no sugar please) and I’m ready to face a new week of exciting adventures and crazy experiences. Absolute concentration. Professionalism. Unbreakable devotion to my passion. The ingredients are the same and the recipe is very spicy as usual. Just the way I like it. Read more […]


Local habitsI drop my bag and am told to follow my host for a local bars touring inspection. Soon enough we are joined by a handful of local graffiti artists, and some more people freshly arriving from a Suicidal Tendencies concert (yes, they still exists). As far as I can remember, the night was somewhat blurry and libidinous. Anyway, I had a lot of fun during my trip to the Australian city. Many art lovers, good wine and cute girls. Read more […]


jakarta exhibitionHoney, Poison, and my Country is an art show that presents various aspects and perceptions of Indonesia. Salihara gallery selected and gatheres the works of local and international artists. Salihara hosts some of the best solo exhibitions in Indonesia. The space houses within its walls a conference room, a shop, a restaurant, a theater, and of course a gallery. A good opportunity to go back to Jakarta, the noisy and messy capital of my adopted country. Read more […]

Kuala Lumpur

mega-exhibition-kuala-lumpur-thumbnailI did my exhibition in the only Stussy flagship store in South-East Asia. I leave the plane and join my friend from Motorsport Playground. Remus aka Supremus is a champion of the local racing scene. He is also a friend. During this art week I’ve spent most of my days and night working on a GTR customization, with the full support of Motorsport Playground. Together we build a racing car I have designed and that was later displayed in the front of Stüssy where my next show took place. I make two breaks, just long enough to give two lectures at two Design universities. “Any questions? Are you single? Uh … Yes” Read more […]


german policemenMega comes for another show during the Berlin edition of the Bread & Butter. While fashionistas talk about thick sausages, I join my friends Brice and Virassamy at Zirkumflex gallery. On the following days we install a real “device demonstration” (haha) with my solo exhibition featuring a selection of European posters for Bookmark2. After I finish the installation I go for a walk in the park next to the gallery. I quickly realize that the punks are not dead. What? They are there before my red eyes, laying in the grass (grass hold an important place in this story). All these years they didn’t disappeared from the face of the earth. The punks simply moved to Berlin. Read more […]


paris exhibitionWelcome to Paris. Of course it rains (France in July, come on) for the Paris stop of my series of solo exhibitions. Good opportunity to meet the friends, family, and immersing myself in the fascinating stories of French politics. If I get it right Nicolas Sarkozy is still an ass. Ok this is a bit too much but let’s go to rue Quincampoix (next to Beaubourg) to Sergeant Paper gallery. Big up to the spirit and professionalism of the owners. Just for the vibe I put a little extra love to one of the employee. Cyrielle if you read me…Read more […]


mega video interview eastpakGreat week in the beautiful city of Marseille in the South of France with the people of l’AtelieR naTional gallery. The sky was high and well… I guess I was too. I was also lucky enough to stay at the gallery owner’s house. His nice place is located in a small harbor in the South of the city. This was my first time in Marseille, and I was impressed with how cool and beautiful the city is. Marseille, I hope I will be back soon. Read more […]

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Recent Posts

Mega original artworks available

Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website.

Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.
The prestigious Parisian art space hosted my 2012 solo exhibition called I Just Murdered The Alphabet.
They now offer you the perfect opportunity to buy exclusive Mega original artworks hand made and signed.
More about Sergeant Paper gallery.

antton mega original artworka sergeant paper

ANTTON | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork ANTTON.

When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters.
Traditional font design, graffiti, psychedelic movement, hand made sign paintings, and more.

dimitri mega original artworks sergeant paper

DIMITRI | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DIMITRI.

The texts included in the artworks is a selection of inspiring hip-hop punchlines.
The exhibition was an opportunity to express both my love for art and rap music.

sergeant paper mega original artwork

DARIO | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DARIO.

The art series is part of my Société Des Griffeurs cycle.
I intend to develop this cycle throughout various projects, like the publication I art directed for l’Attrape Rêve.

mega original artwork for sale sergeant paper gallery

JOACHIM | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork JOACHIM.

The nice pictures were taken by the people from Sergeant Paper gallery, inside their art space in Paris. Thanks guys!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the combination of my masked characters, and the inspiring hip-hop punchlines that I drew.
The series offers you the amazing opportunity to buy Mega original artworks, and to offer the perfect gift to one of your loved ones.

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