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Paintings on canvas

Discover my acrylic artworks on high quality canvases.

When I work on canvas, I try to stay as clean as I can.
I want my paintings to french-kiss you, grab your butt and bite your lips.

painting acrylic on canvas solo exhibition

Welcome To The Jungle

My influences are in pop culture, street art and urban music.
I presented my paintings for the first time in 2011. I show the acrylics as part of my solo exhibition in Sydney, Australia.
People didn’t really believed that the paintings were handmade. Everybody thought that I used silk screens.
I took it as a compliment.

painting on canvasWinsor & Newton


  • Title: Welcome To The Jungle
  • Medium: Premium acrylic on canvas
  • Diptych
  • Size: 2x 100x180cm (2/2)

Concrete Jungle

In my future shows and artworks, you’ll learn more the characters you can see on the canvases.
I recently worked on a special issue of the French art publication l’Attrape Rêve. I produced 40 pages of illustrations where you can see the kids in the jungle with wild animals.
Another example is a skateboard I did with fellow artist Jon Burgerman.
Stay tuned, because this is an ongoing project.

acrylic on canvas mega paintingspaintings by mega


  • Title: Concrete Jungle
  • Medium: Premium acrylic on canvas
  • Diptych
  • Size: 2x 100x180cm (2/2)


  • I start with a quick draft to set up the general composition.
  • I draw a digital version of the draft.
  • I print the digital illustration in the real size, to see how the canvas will look like.
  • I paint the ground bases.
  • I draw the image with a small pen.
  • I fill the drawing with with high quality acrylic paint.
  • I apply a premium satin varnish.
  • We are done, the paintings is ready!


Would you want to have an awesome canvas in your home?
Good news because it’s possible. All you have to do is to send me an email and tell me more about what you want.

artwork painting on canvas

Do you like my artworks on canvas?
Discover my handmade drawings.

Some people ask me what art movement I belong to. My paintings are post-stupid…

post stupid font