Racing car design for Motorsport Playground in Kuala Lumpur


Racing car design

Check the pictures of the racing car I did for Motorsport Playground.

racing car design detail

Racing car for Motorsport Playground.

Motorsport Playground asked me to design a drift racing car in Malaysia.
When I was in Kuala Lumpur for my solo exhibition at the Stussy flagship store, I designed a car.
To be more precise I did a drift racing car with Motorsport Playground, the Malaysian leader of car customization.
I don’t know much about cars in general, but I can tell you one thing. Designing a car when you are an illustrator is like french kissing Jessica Alba when you are a boy: it sounds great and it feels awesome.
Now I didn’t have the opportunity to kiss Jessica Alba (yet), but I designed an awesome racing car. The Nissan Skyline GTR33 belongs to Remus Chang, the JPM Hill Climb Challenge 2010 Overall Champion in Malaysia.

drift car design

illustration racing car


The idea was to display the racing in front of my solo exhibition.
We parked the car in the front of the Stussy flagship store in Kuala Lumpur during the opening night of my art exhibition. Malaysian people love cars, and they want it to be unique. This is where Motorsport Playground comes. The garage creates custom cars and turn average rides into 4-wheels statements. The boss is a drift champion and he asked me to design his racing car.
I spent the next week working on the design, and the following 5 days on the car. Right before the opening we parked the car in the front of the gallery.
People started taking pictures, posing next to the racing car, hanging around.

Check more pictures of the racing car I designed in Malaysia:

details racing car motorsport playground

portrait mega front véhicule


6 months after the show the car raced in a Malaysian drift competition.
The “Megamobile” raced in Penang for Mean Machine.
Nice people, cute chicks, and good vibes. The car’s owner – Remus Chang – made it to the podium with an impressive second position.

Sexy malaysian girls
Sexy malaysian girls at the drift competition.


The car I designed also raced during the Lotus Track Days.
2011 Golden Gate Lotus Club Track Days.
During the Lotus Club Track Day we pushed the car to the max.

Lotus Track Day
Megamobile racing during the Lotus Track Day.

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