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Opening of my exhibition in Marseille

Check the story behind the opening night in Marseille of my Longing To Be knotted Together touring exhibition.

marseille bay

Great week in the beautiful city of Marseille in the South of France with the cool people of l’AtelieR naTional gallery.
The sky was high and well… I guess I was too.
I was also lucky enough to stay in the gallery owner’s nice house.
His nice place is located in a small harbor in the South of the city.
This was my first time in Marseille, and I must say that I was impressed with how cool and beautiful the city is.
Marseille, I hope I will be back soon.

Mega portrait inside the French gallery Atelier National in Marseille

Mega portrait inside the French gallery Atelier National in Marseille.

Atelier National gallery

My 2-colors screen prints were presented during my solo show at l’Atelier National gallery.

Video interview by Eastpak

Mega new video interview in French language for Eastpak.
During this exhibition, Eastpak supported called me to know if it was possible to do a video interview with them.
Of course it was and I was quite happy to do it.
The video was shot just before my show in Marseille at l’Atelier National.
Cool music, nice edit, mega artwork and talk, thank you John Carriere for the good job.
As for you guys, like it, love it, hate it, share it now!
More about Eastpak.

Discover the video interview by Eastpak:

Longing To Be Knotted Together reviews

This exhibition in the city of Marseille was the last stop of my series of solo exhibitions.
After presenting my work in many countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany and France I felt very tired.
During six months I never stayed more than 10 days in the same city.
In the meantime I received a lot of media exposure. I have been interviewed in countless magazines, newspaper, blogs, etc.
Here is a small selection I quickly put together just to give you an idea…

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art sticker

Before the show I also cut this cool sticker to enhance the beauty of the gallery walls.

media reviews

I received a lot of media attention during my 6 month touring exhibition around the globe.

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  8. Marseille (Atelier National).

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Credits of my exhibition in Marseille:

I presented this solo exhibition at ATELIER NATIONAL gallery.
EASTPAK did the video interview bellow.

honda blade scooter illustration