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Magazines and album covers

Check this selection of covers I did for record labels and publications.


I really enjoy to draw magazine covers.
After years working as an art director, it feels good to be under the spot lights.
Album and magazine covers are like trophies for an illustrator.


Client: Concept.
Cover for Concept magazine in Indonesia.
Concept is the leading graphic design magazine in Indonesia.

Magazine covers for Concept in Indonesia
Cover for Concept magazine, the biggest graphic design publication from Indonesia.
Behind the work.
After my solo exhibition in Jakarta, Concept came to interview me. They also asked if I wanted to illustrate the cover of their mag. They gave me a total of freedom. The topic of the issue was “better business by design”.
With no brief and a total respect for my artwork, it was a pleasure to work with Concept. I wish all magazine covers could be as open as this one.

Money drawing

Following my Jakarta solo exhibition I talked for a conference. Concept did an interview for their July issue. We talked about my life in Bali, my love for spices and my hate for pretentious westerners in Bali.
Feel free to read my interview with Concept magazine.


Client: Clark magazine.
During years, I’ve been a regular contributor of Clark magazine.
Here is a cover I did for this French publication.
One day the editor-in-chief came to my house and asked me if I wanted to do the cover of his magazine. The issue was about street golf so I drew a golfer in the street.

Clark magazine cover
Cover with a man playing cross golf.


Client: Babyboss mag.
Babyboss magazine is my favorite magazine in Indonesia.
This art publication focusses on graphic-design and illustration. It is like an Indonesian version of Juxtapoz.
I did the cover and the magazine included a 10 pages interview inside.

Babyboss magazine
Cover of Babyboss magazine cover in Indonesia.


Magazine covers are nice but album covers are awesome.
Drawing for an album cover is like a teenager dream come true. Like many illustrators, I fell in love with graphic design after looking at the cover of my favorite album. Now it’s my turn to draw covers. Hopefully some teenagers will feel inspired…


Client: Folistar.
Golgoth 2011 is a hip-hop album released by a double DMC champion named DJ Gero.

For this album cover, I drew everything the musician love. Literally.
From old school vinyl toys to junk food, I portrayed the artist in the middle of his favorite elements.

dj gero Golgoth 2011
Golgoth 2011, album cover for DJ Gero.

My friend Jack Usine did the logo.

Paris cool cats came for an afternoon drinking session with nice music, good visuals and great vibes.

Auguste shop in Paris
Block party for the release of the album.

DJ Gero is a good friend.
He came to play music for the Parisian stop of my 2011 touring exhibition.
He also came for the Mega party at Favela Chic.
Thank you bro!


Client: Mixhell.
Album cover for Mixhell (Iggor Cavalera + Laima Leyton).
One day the ex-drummer of Sepultura asked me to draw a poster for his new musical project. We collaborated again for his album cover. The title of the EP means booty in brazilian slang. I drew a booty black girl in the jungle with a butt large enough to write the name of the band.

mixhell album cover in Brazil
Cover for the brazilian duo Mixhell.

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