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Art direction and graphic design for Kink magazine.

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In 2000 I started my professional journey into the world of Art Direction.
As a teenage boy I started my journey in the world of art through graffiti. I was busy, painting the walls of my city and the trains of my region.
After a while I started to think that this was not enough for me. I wanted to reach a wider audience and graffiti was not considered cool back then.
This is when I met Pierre. Pierre was the editor-in chief of an independent magazine called Kink. After a couple of meeting we have decided to work together and to bring the magazine to the next level.
I became the art director for this publication called Kink magazine.
I actually took the direction of the visual department with a friend called Delarocca.
We were almost kids and it was a wonderful experience for us.
By the way, Delarocca is also the artist who collaborated with me on a book called NYC Rules.

art direction of Kink magazine

Working for Kink was a great opportunity for me to learn and experiment a lot. Through trials and errors, I acquired skills and experiences in the field of graphic design.
It was a great period of my life. It didn’t come without headaches though.
Photographers and journalists don’t respect the deadlines when you are a small publication.
Advertisers push you to fill their content and promote their products in your pages.
Art direction is all about compromises. Especially when you are an independent magazine.
When you are independent, you don’t have much money.
You really depend on the advertising.
This is a strange situation, but we did our best to produce quality content and to offer an awesome publication.

    NAME: Kink magazine.
    POSITION: Art director.
    CONTENT: Urban cultures, street art, fashion, hip-hop, art.
    YEAR: 2000 to 2002.
    PUBLISHER: Addix.
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