KINK MAGAZINE version 2.0 | Art direction and graphic design


Kink magazine 2.0

In 2002, I worked on the design for the new version of Kink magazine.

kink magazine france cover


Kink magazine version 2 evolved into a new version.
After a couple of years, we’ve decided to bring the original version of Kink magazine to a new level.
We integrated new fields of investigation in the editorial. We covered topics such as cinema, literature, art, and style.
The idea was to reach a wider audience and to cover mainstream news with an independent angle.
The publication became more professional and I enhanced the art direction. We worked on the layout to serve the content better with a minimal grid and a clear organization. The use of the fonts was subtle yet clever with nice headlines and a beautiful pagination.

Kink magazine version 2.0


We didn’t only work on the content and the art direction.
The magazine also had a very original and creative distribution system.
Knowing that the publication was available for free, we made all our money from the advertising. Kink was not available in the standard news agents and we wanted to combine a level of exclusivity with a network large enough to reach our audience.
Kink was available in a selection of skate-shops and art galleries. We were also distributed in trendy shops like Colette or contemporary art centers like Le Palais de Tokyo.

cool and trendy publication


Kink was a great platform to give exposure to visual artists and musicians from the new generation.
We published the first interview and photo shoot made by the famous photographer JR.
We also published interviews with new comers like hip-hop artists TTC or La Caution.
On another hand, we covered mainstream political news or talked about environmental issues.
The idea was to cover topics with an angle that you could not found in other newspaper.

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    NAME: Kink magazine.
    POSITION: Art director.
    CONTENT: Urban cultures, street art, fashion, hip-hop, art.
    YEAR: 2002 to 2003.
    PUBLISHER: Free press.
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