Illustration scenes


Illustration scenes

Discover some illustration scenes I did for various magazines and books.

Scenes and scenery are challenging for illustrators. You have to draw a lot of details while maintaining style and coherence.
You need to think about the composition, the perspective and the colors of the settings.


Client: Groupe l’Express Roularta.
I did this illustration for an article about Filipino girls who marry old American veterans.
The girl in the drawing comes back from shopping while her husband rest in a wheel chair.

illustration of a philippine girl
Illustration of a Philippine girl and her American husband.


Client: Ronan Gardiner.
This artwork was published in the German edition of Men’s Health magazine.
The magazine asked me to draw illustration scenes on double spread pages.
You can see a lot of cool details in the drawing.

Crazy ski situation

For this illustration the brief was not easy. The art director asked me to draw a ski station. Many events had to happen in a single scene.
“Someone fall in the snow while a ski is missing in the front of a house. At the same moment a guy reads a newspaper and another one loses a ski , etc.”
It was not easy to do a cool but coherent drawing with so many details. The snow is not an easy element to illustrate. Anyway, it was a nice experience and I enjoyed working for Men’s Health.

illustration for Mens Heath magazine
Illustration of people facing problems at the ski station.

The space on the right side of the image was left for the graphic designer to add the text of the article.

European tour

Illustration about problems tourists face when they travel.
Expensive coffees, pickpockets, nasty pigeons, swore feet, closed museums, you name it.
In this illustration you can see a tourist being robbed while someone walk on a dog poop. Another guy stands in front of a closed museum and his friend stays in a dirty motel room. The funny thing with illustration scenes is that you can draw a lot of cool details on a single image.

means health scene illustration
Drawing of tourists facing troubles abroad for Means Health magazine in Germany.


Client: Lezilus.
Lezilus is my representative.
This illustration took me three weeks to finish. There are a lot of details in the image, and my agent published the illustration in a book.

Illustration scenes jungle
Illustration of a scene in the jungle.

Sometimes people ask me how to draw detailed images.
I start by writing a list of the elements I want to include in the image. I draw every element separately and I use a limited number of colors to keep the coherence.
This illustration was featured in Illustration Now, a book published by Taschen.


Illustration for a kid’s magazine.
Dress the kids.
Bonbek magazine asked me to draw kids playing in the snow on a double spread pages.
The kids were in underwear and the reader had paste clothes on them. It was a nice and fun illustration.

kid's magazine Bonbek

Detail of the illustration I did for the kid’s magazine.

Snow is not easy to illustrate. You have to draw a white element but don’t want to end up with a blank artwork.
The good news is that people wear flashy colors in ski stations, so you can play with the clothes to give depth to the image.

drawing for bonbek magazine in France
Full version of the artwork used in the french publication.


The Hollywood movie star has a spider named after him.
Not sure if this has something to do with Indiana Jones, but Harrison Ford share his name with the scary insect.
Fortunately for him the spider looks nastier.

Illustration Harrison Ford spider

Illustration of the Harrison Ford spider.

I love to draw spiders, snakes, and other tropical animals. I did this illustration for a customer in New-York.

BAYARD illustrations

Client: Bayard press.
Bayard is one of the biggest publisher in France.
They asked me do a series of artworks for one of their publications.
I did these images for a biopic about Michael Jackson.

drawing Jackson Five

“I want you back!”, drawing of the Jackson Five performing live.

Drawing of James Brown
Drawing of James Brown.

vinyls by Motown records
The Motown Studios released many records I love.


Illustration for the special issue of l’Attrape Reve.
For their first year anniversary, l’Attrape rêve invited talented artists of the new generation. Alongside guests like WK Interact, Ugo Gattoni, John Pound or Koa, I was happy to take part in this project.

drawing of a masked character
Illustration of a masked character in the jungle for ATR magazine in France.

Hip-hop block party

Drawing of b-boys and b-girls.
Client: Bayard.
Detail of an illustration I did for the French publisher.

japanese cute girls
Drawing of japanese girls.

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