Illustration scenes


Illustration scenes

Discover some illustrations I did for magazines and books.

I like to draw scenes with a lot of details and coherence.
It’s challenging because I need to think about the composition, the perspective and the colors of the settings.


Client: Lezilus.
Series of illustration scenes in Paris.

illustration of Paris metropolitan
Paris metropolitan.

illustration scene of a girl checking her phone in a Parisian street
Girl checking her smartphone in a Paris street.

illustration scene in a Paris bistrot
Young man standing in a Parisian bistrot.

illustration scene of a Paris girl drinking coffee
Girl drinking coffee in an art gallery.

illustration scene of a Paris street
Illustration of a man walking his dog in a Parisian street.


Client: Ronan Gardiner.

Crazy ski situation

Artwork for the German edition of Men’s Health magazine.
The brief was not easy. The art director asked me to draw a ski station with many actions happening in a single scene.
“Someone fall in the snow while a ski is missing in the front of a house. At the same moment a guy reads a newspaper and another one loses a ski , etc.”

illustration scene in a ski station
Big mess in a ski station.

European tour

Expensive coffees, pickpockets, nasty pigeons, swore feet, closed museums, you name it.
In this illustration you can see a tourist being robbed while someone walk on a dog poop. Another guy stands in front of a closed museum and his friend stays in a dirty motel room…

illustration scene in Europe capitals
Illustration of tourists facing problems in a fictional European capital.


Client: Bayard press.

Michael Jackson and the Motown

Bayard is one of the biggest publisher in France.
They asked me to illustrate a story about Michael Jackson and his debut with the Motown studios.

Drawing of James Brown
As a child, Michael loved James Brown.
illustration scene of Berry Gordy in front of Motown studios
Berry Gordy standing in the front of the Motown studios.

illustration of Motown venial records
Motown vinyl records.


Client: Bonbek magazine.

Dress the kids

Illustration for a kid’s magazine.
Bonbek magazine asked me to draw kids playing in the snow on a double spread pages.
The reader would cut and paste clothes on them.
Snow is not easy to draw. The good news is that people in ski stations wear flashy colors, so you can play with the clothes to give depth to the image.

illustration detail of a ski station
Detail of the illustration.
illustration scene of kids playing in the snow
Kids playing in a ski station.


Client: Groupe l’Express Roularta.

Macao casinos

Illustration for an article about the gambling scene in Macao. The article was both fun and a bit scary. It deals with game addiction, corruption, money laundering and having fun.

illustration in a Macao casino
People playing and gambling on roulette in a Macao casino.
illustration of Macao skyline
Illustration of Macao skyline.

Filipino girls

I did this illustration for an article about Filipino girls who marry old American veterans.
The girl in the drawing comes back from shopping while her husband rest in a wheel chair.

illustration scene of a couple in Philippines


This image illustrates an article about bioacoustics.
The text introduces us with Thierry Aubin. Mr Aubin studies the sounds of Nature all over the world. He travels to record animals sounds everywhere from the North Pole to the Amazonia forest.

illustration bioacoustics


Client: Lezilus, Taschen.


Lezilus is my representative.
This illustration took me three weeks to finish. There are a lot of details in the image, and Taschen published the image in its book Illustration Now vol.2.

illustration scene in the jungle
I like to draw illustration scenes in the jungle.


Client: Attrape Reve


Illustration for the special issue of l’Attrape Reve.
Alongside guests like WK Interact, Ugo Gattoni, John Pound or Koa, I was invited for their first year anniversary.

illustration for l'Attrape Reve in Paris
Masked character playing with l’Attrape Rêve font in the jungle.


The Hollywood movie star has a spider named after him.
I love to draw spiders, snakes, and other tropical animals. I did this illustration for a customer in New-York.

illustration of Harrison Ford spider>

Do you need an illustration for your magazine?

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Recent Posts

Mega original artworks available

Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website.

Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.
The prestigious Parisian art space hosted my 2012 solo exhibition called I Just Murdered The Alphabet.
They now offer you the perfect opportunity to buy exclusive Mega original artworks hand made and signed.
More about Sergeant Paper gallery.

antton mega original artworka sergeant paper

ANTTON | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork ANTTON.

When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters.
Traditional font design, graffiti, psychedelic movement, hand made sign paintings, and more.

dimitri mega original artworks sergeant paper

DIMITRI | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DIMITRI.

The texts included in the artworks is a selection of inspiring hip-hop punchlines.
The exhibition was an opportunity to express both my love for art and rap music.

sergeant paper mega original artwork

DARIO | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DARIO.

The art series is part of my Société Des Griffeurs cycle.
I intend to develop this cycle throughout various projects, like the publication I art directed for l’Attrape Rêve.

mega original artwork for sale sergeant paper gallery

JOACHIM | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork JOACHIM.

The nice pictures were taken by the people from Sergeant Paper gallery, inside their art space in Paris. Thanks guys!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the combination of my masked characters, and the inspiring hip-hop punchlines that I drew.
The series offers you the amazing opportunity to buy Mega original artworks, and to offer the perfect gift to one of your loved ones.

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