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Group exhibitions

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art shows recap in Berlin



The Season Of Spring exhibition in Los Angeles

flower pepper gallery old pasadenaIn February 2014 I presented two new handmade drawing for a collective art show at Flower-Pepper gallery. Last year, art critic Daniel Rolnik wrote down a list of artists he admires. The co-founder of Intellectual Property Prints then contacted me to let me know that I was part of his “dream team”. I was happy to join what became an exciting Group exhibition. The opening night of The Season Of Spring was a big hit with tons of art enthusiasts coming to the Los Angeles gallery. Discover the artworks and the story behind my solo exhibition. Read more […]



Burning Ink exhibition in Geneva

Burning Ink in Geneva, SwitzerlandIn September 2013 I took part in the Geneva edition of the Burning Ink exhibition in Switzerland. Burning Ink is a collective art exhibition with a cool concept. The idea is to gather international artists from around the world. Every artist produces a handmade drawing exhibited during the show. The attendees can then choose the drawing they want to buy. A professional tattoo artist will ink their skin with the artwork. We will burn all the original drawings at the end of the exhibition. Read more […]

Brunch Bazar in Paris

brunch bazar Group exhibitionsBrunch Bazar organizes group exhibitions in Paris. Eastpak featured the work I did on one of their (giant) bag during an art exhibition at Brunch Bazar in Paris. Do you remember when Eastpak invited me to work on one of their bag? Tag My Giant Bag follows a similar concept. Eastpak ask international artists with a street vibe to work on a giant version of their bag. Right after I finished my previous collaboration with the brand, Nicolas Pinelli from Eastpak called me to see if I wanted to work on one of their giant backpack. Read more […]

Dress Your Wall in Barcelona

miscelanea galleryMiscelanea creative space in Barcelona will present some of my artworks, as part as the Dress Your Wall exhibition. Starting on December 22nd 2012, Spanish gallery Miscelanea will host the very first edition of a great exhibition named Dress Your Wall. Dress Your Wall is a innovative market dedicated to graphic artworks. The artworks presented during the exhibition will be sold at friendly prices that can fit your budget, even during the crisis… Read more […]



The Devil Made Me Do It in Sydney

Framed artwork displayed at He Made She Made galleryRecap of the exhibition at HMSM gallery with cool artworks and nice people for The Devil Made Me Do It art show in Sydney, Australia. HeMadeSheMade is a new art and design gallery located in the city of Sydney, Australia. They invited me to take a part in their new exhibition called The Devil Made Me Do It. The launch of the group show is on October 31st, on the night of Halloween. I produced a new art piece with one of my masked character called Hugo, from the art series I call Société Des Griffeurs and… Read more […]

Artoyz Fakestival in Paris

artoyz group exhitionArtoyz Fakestival invited me to produce a new artwork for a group art show. Artoyz Fakestival paid tribute to the music festivals traditionally held during the summer season in Europe. From Glastonbury to Vans Warped Tour, every festival brings its musical selection and its visual identity. The concept behind Artoyz FakeStival is to offer some of today’s best artists the opportunity to program and create the promotional artwork for an imaginary event gathering musicians they love. A fake festival… Read more […]

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Sergeant Paper in Paris

burning ink exhibition parisI Inspire You Expire is an artwork produced in a limited edition of 75 screen-prints. I did this piece for the Sergeant Paper gallery in Paris. The gallery is the place where I did the Paris edition of my Longing To Be Knotted Together 2011 touring exhibition. They also welcomed the I Just Murdered the Alphabet art show in October 2012. For this artwork I was inspired by traditional tattoo sets imagery. I combined various elements of my universe and drawings… Read more […]

Design Festival in Kazakhstan

cow design festival astanaI was recently invited to take part of the COW International Design Festival held in Astana, Kazakhstan. The COW Festival was a global forum that showcases world-class design. They invited me to feature some of the artworks I have done as an illustrator and an artist. I chose this opportunity to display the magazine cover I have done for the cover of Babyboss magazine in Indonesia. Read more […]

Save The Drop Bear in Melbourne

mega save dropbearI did this screen printed artwork for a group exhibition. For the release of their 25th issue ACCLAIM Magazine hosts an art show to help raise awareness for the plight of the Drop Bear. This issue focuses exclusively on Australian content. A collection of some of today’s most exciting local and international artists have pledged their support for the Drop Bear cause and will be delivering artworks in celebration of this iconic Australian creature. I am happy and proud to announce that ACCLAIM chose my… Read more […]

NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics in Melbourne

Artwork on T-shirt by Mega, presented at the future of T-shirt graphics exhibitionAn Australian art event presents the future of T-shirt graphics. I took part in a group exhibition called NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics. What is NEXT? NEXT is an exhibition that celebrates street art by using T-shirt as a canvas. Curated by Eddie Zammit, the founder of T-world (the only T-shirt journal on the planet), NEXT sets the benchmark for T-shirt graphics globally. As part of the exhibition, over 1,000+ T-shirts were displayed from over 200 international and local labels. Read more […]



Lady Gaga Experience in Paris

lady gaga artworkFirst of all, I must confess that I don’t know much about Lady Gaga. I’m too old, I don’t have a TV, I like Hip-Hop, old school Funk and Soul, Afrobeats…
I’m too old for the “OMG she is so crazy” pop singer (good marketing by the way). I accepted to be part of this group exhibition alongside people like Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or Thierry Mugler. I also answered (in French) to some questions for a book. Read more […]

Paste Modernism in Australia

mega paste modernismPaste Modernism is an inspiring art exhibition. I took part in Paste Modernism, a street art show on Cockatoo Island in Australia. The exhibition focus on ‘Paste-Up’. ‘Paste-Up’ is an ever-expanding and innovative form of street art, that involves an artist making his work in various sizes of paper and then applying it to walls and surfaces within the urban environment by using wheat-paste or wallpaper glue. Read more […]

A Graphic Tribute to Rock Culture in Paris

voskel gallery artworkParanoid is the name of an artwork inspired by Black Sabbath. Last week I was part of a group show called ROCK – A Graphic Tribute to Rock Culture. What was this exhibition about? ROCK was another of those group exhibitions at Voskel gallery in Paris. The idea was to produce a tribute to the rock legends. The gallery invited the artists to produce an artwork based on a classic album cover from the 60’s or the 70’s. Why did I choose Paranoid? Read more […]



Forward 3 at Agnes b.

I lost NY at agnes bI Lost NY is the name of an artwork I did for a group exhibition showcased at the Agnes b. gallery in Paris. To be more specific, this artwork is a limited edition screen-print. All the silk screens were numbered and signed by myself. Redux magazine curated this third edition of the series of group exhibitions Forward. Read more […]

Massive Wheatpaste in Jakarta

Massive Wheatpaste in JakartaMassive Wheatpaste is a street art show. We Are Busy People! A street art group from Jakarta commissioned this artwork. The collective organizes group exhibitions in Indonesia. I want to thank all the contributors. Some of them also took part of the Honey Poison group show I took part when I was in Jakarta. This was a nice street art event in Indonesia. Read more […]



No Comply in Melbourne

Series of skateboards by Mega for No Comply in AustraliaNo Comply was the name of an art exhibition held at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. They contacted me to design 3 skateboard decks for the show. At the time I was still living in Australia, where I worked as an art director for Acclaim magazine. I enjoyed drawing this series, with characters and animals hanging around the jungle. Read more […]



FORWARD in Paris

Forward by MegaForward was an exhibition curated by DC Shoes and Redux magazine. At the time this art show was a big hit in Paris, and I was later invited to take part in the following editions of the group exhibitions organized by Redux and DC. I created giant art prints for this first exhibition at l’Espace Beaurepaire gallery in Paris. Read more […]

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Recent Posts

Mega original artworks available

Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website.

Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.
The prestigious Parisian art space hosted my 2012 solo exhibition called I Just Murdered The Alphabet.
They now offer you the perfect opportunity to buy exclusive Mega original artworks hand made and signed.
More about Sergeant Paper gallery.

antton mega original artworka sergeant paper

ANTTON | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork ANTTON.

When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters.
Traditional font design, graffiti, psychedelic movement, hand made sign paintings, and more.

dimitri mega original artworks sergeant paper

DIMITRI | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DIMITRI.

The texts included in the artworks is a selection of inspiring hip-hop punchlines.
The exhibition was an opportunity to express both my love for art and rap music.

sergeant paper mega original artwork

DARIO | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DARIO.

The art series is part of my Société Des Griffeurs cycle.
I intend to develop this cycle throughout various projects, like the publication I art directed for l’Attrape Rêve.

mega original artwork for sale sergeant paper gallery

JOACHIM | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork JOACHIM.

The nice pictures were taken by the people from Sergeant Paper gallery, inside their art space in Paris. Thanks guys!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the combination of my masked characters, and the inspiring hip-hop punchlines that I drew.
The series offers you the amazing opportunity to buy Mega original artworks, and to offer the perfect gift to one of your loved ones.

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