GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS | Art publication with drawings of sexy girls


Girls Girls Girls

Girls girls girls is an illustration book with drawings of sexy girls.

sexy girls book cover


It has been a lot of hard work, but I am eventually proud to announce the release of my new art publication.
During a couple of months, I was really active on my Facebook profile.
The idea was to collect a series of pictures of girls doing a bunny pose.
It was a success and I received hundreds of cool pictures.
Nice girls would send me pictures of themselves, and I would draw the coolest ones.
The result was a 32 pages art publication I sold in shops in France and in Asia.

pages from the art book

indonesian girl
Apoh is an Indonesian girl who send me a picture to take part of my art publication


The books came in a limited edition and I numbered and signed them.
I printed the publication with a hi-quality giclee ink. I used a recycled paper and a silver silk-screened cover on black art paper.
I also included a 2 colors screen-printed poster.
The price was low, because I wanted all the girls to be able to afford my art publication.

Girls Girls Girls illustration
Examples of sexy girls I drew for my book called Girls Girls Girls


Social networks are a useful tool to promote your art.
This publication is obviously a combination of my art direction and my illustration skills. It is also a clever use of social networks.
Facebook was at the root of this project. Not only did I use the social network to collect the pictures, but the girls shared the result on their page and their friends could see my artworks.
Many people had access to my art and Facebook soon became a powerful marketing tool to promote my work.

girls girls girls poster

Asian girl drawing
Cai Bin is a fun Asian girl I drew for my publication

    NAME: Girls Girls Girls.
    POSITION: Art director, publisher.
    CONTENT: Illustration, social medias.
    YEAR: 2011.
    PUBLISHER: Mega.
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