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Independent Graphic Design

First is the name of a graphic design publication I published when I was still a student.

first independent Graphic Design publication


In 1999 I was a student in a French art school.
I was not really happy with the teachings I received. I think that the teachers promoted too much procrastination and theory when I was expecting practical works.
Instead of complaining I have decided that it would be more efficient to take care of my education by myself.
With a friend and partner in (design) crimes, we founded a design studio named Structure.
Our first production was a small publication called… First.

Interior pages of the independent publication


First was an independent Graphic Design publication.
The content focused on the ever-evolving world of international underground music.
We pushed the limits of what we could afford, and printed the publication with a beautiful silver ink on a black art paper.
A lot of graphic design magazines in France praised the efforts we made.
We didn’t only want to have a nice layout. We strived to couple the quality production to a meaningful content.
For this publication we interviewed hip-hop musicians and underground icons such as Antipop Consortium.
In many ways, First was a prologue for my future works as an Art Director, and I learned a lot while working on it.
The following year, I flew to New York City to meet the people I interviewed for this publication. The idea was to go further and to explore new visual and cultural territories.
It was an amazing experience and back in France my life took another turn. I decided to work on a real book but this is another story…

    NAME: First.
    POSITION: Co-art director, publisher.
    CONTENT: Underground hip-hop.
    YEAR: 1999.
    PUBLISHER: Structure.
  • To see what I did after this publication, check my book about underground US icons.

    antipop consortium hip hop portrait