Character illustration


Character illustration

I love to draw characters.

Here is a collection of characters I drew for Anime Con.

Geek chic.

Aarav is 19 years old.
He loves skinny ties, Steve Urkel, playing NES, cool watches and thick black glasses.

character illustration geek chic


Yuna is 22 years old.
She loves Anime, cosplay, Evangelion, yaoi, dools, videogames, Haikyu!! and Code Geass.

character illustration aniota


Julien is 28 years old.
He loves perfect curves, Franck Loyd, the smell of fresh concrete, problem solving and walking in cities.

character illustration architect


Chen is 20 years old.
She loves vintage bags, care tags, fashion shows, accessories and Sarah Jessica Parker.

character illustration fashionista

Book addict.

Dina is 24 years old.
She loves the smooth touch of paper, Jim Harrison, carrot cakes, quiet people and rainy days.

character illustration bibliophile

Pop fan.

Lilly is years 29 old.
She loves catchy melodies, dancing, 5 Seconds of Summer, vibrant colors and having fun.

character illustration pop girl

Movies buff.

Mario is 27 years old.
He loves the Nouvelle Vague, dark rooms, 70’s Italian horror, subtitles and Chan-wook Park.

character illustration movie buff


Sean is 32 years old.
He loves independent thinking, Quinoa, indie-rock, witty banter, art and to surround himself with creative people.

character illustration hipster

Characters illustration for Complex magazine.

For over three years, I was an official contributor of Complex magazine in the US.
During the past 14 years I have done tons of characters for many publications around the world.
Bellow is a small collection of characters I drew for Complex magazine in USA. They asked me to draw people for about 15 issues.

NBA Groupies.

For this series I drew NBA players’s wives.
I am French and I live in Indonesia. I don’t know much about basketball but I had a lot of fun drawing cute girls.

NBA babes

Tokyo brother.

For this illustration I drew a trendy hip hop man.
During his trip to Japan, this lucky guy hangs out with two Japanese babes.

Character design
Character design for Complex magazine in USA.

The big kid.

For this artwork, I drew a young adult playing with toys while seating on a bike.
The generation born in the 90’s grew up with video games and computers. They like to watch movie adaptations of comics, play video games, collect toys. They are an adult version of kids.
The main difference is that kids play in the grass, they don’t smoke it…

Illustration of a boy on a bike

The sexy wife.

This woman wears a diamond ring and poses with her two kids. Hopefully the kids will become NBA stars like daddy…

NBA wife artwork

Hipsters from around the world.

Complex magazine once asked me to draw hipsters from around the world.
We have English, European, latino, and black hipsters.

Illustration of hipsters

Carnival people.

Discover people in carnival parties around the globe.

carnival Drawing

Venice Guy.

Drawing of a character attending the carnival in Venice. I like character illustration. You can imagine the story behind the people you draw.

Complex magazine

Japanese girls.

Two more cute girls from Japan.

japanese cute girls

US tourist in Brazil.

When people travel abroad, sometimes things go wrong…

tourist illustration


How much do you take to draw a character?

Please read the following information to better understand how I price my work.

Let me answer some questions about my illustration prices:


    I don’t use a daily rate.
    Tell me more about you and your project and let me know how you will use my work. It is just common sense. An illustration for an international magazine will be more expensive than a drawing for a local publication. Once we agree with the conditions, I will work days and nights until we are fully satisfied with the result.
    Important: Please send all advertising jobs to my representative


    I work fast.
    Illustrations for advertising usually take less than a month while a double spread pages for a magazine takes a week, etc. As soon as I start I put all my efforts, time and energy in my work. Everyday I email you the latest version, so you can tell me what you think.
    We can constantly improve the result.




    Of course we can.
    Any idea is worth a conversation.
    Don’t hesitate to email me to tell me more.

Do you need an illustration? Let’s talk!

logo complex magazine

Recent Posts

Mega original artworks available

Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website.

Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.
The prestigious Parisian art space hosted my 2012 solo exhibition called I Just Murdered The Alphabet.
They now offer you the perfect opportunity to buy exclusive Mega original artworks hand made and signed.
More about Sergeant Paper gallery.

antton mega original artworka sergeant paper

ANTTON | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork ANTTON.

When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters.
Traditional font design, graffiti, psychedelic movement, hand made sign paintings, and more.

dimitri mega original artworks sergeant paper

DIMITRI | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DIMITRI.

The texts included in the artworks is a selection of inspiring hip-hop punchlines.
The exhibition was an opportunity to express both my love for art and rap music.

sergeant paper mega original artwork

DARIO | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DARIO.

The art series is part of my Société Des Griffeurs cycle.
I intend to develop this cycle throughout various projects, like the publication I art directed for l’Attrape Rêve.

mega original artwork for sale sergeant paper gallery

JOACHIM | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork JOACHIM.

The nice pictures were taken by the people from Sergeant Paper gallery, inside their art space in Paris. Thanks guys!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the combination of my masked characters, and the inspiring hip-hop punchlines that I drew.
The series offers you the amazing opportunity to buy Mega original artworks, and to offer the perfect gift to one of your loved ones.

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