Character illustration


Character illustration

For over three years, I was an official contributor of Complex magazine in the US.

During the past 14 years I have done tons of characters for many publications around the world.
Bellow is a small collection of characters I drew for Complex magazine in USA. They asked me to draw people for about 15 issues.

The groupies

In this artwork I drew a series of cute NBA players’s wives.
Complex magazines asked me to draw:

  1. A nice wife with her two kids.
  2. Two sexy groupies.
  3. A gold-digger who try to date a NBA player.

Bellow you can see my take on the sexy groupies.
I am French illustrator and I live in Indonesia. Honestly I don’t know much about basketball.
But I love Complex magazine and I had a lot of fun drawing cute girls.

NBA babes
Illustration of NBA babes.

Tokyo brother

For this illustration I drew a black hipster.
The trendy African-American is visiting Japan. During his trip he hangs out with a couple of cute Japanese girls.

Character design
Character design for Complex magazine in USA.


This character attends a convention about junk food. His T-shirt says “I beat anorexia” and I guess that he does just that.
I really like to illustrate characters. Real people inspire me. For example I can draw a funny guy I met at a party or a creepy dude I saw in the street. Of course I can also draw my sexy neighbor or do an illustration of my super sexy girlfriend (love you babe).

Fatty character illustration
Illustration of a fat guy.

Bunny girl

Unrated version of a sexy bunny girl I drew.
Complex magazine covered the boobs in the published version.

bunny girl Artwork
Artwork of a bunny girl.

The big kid

For this artwork, the brief was to draw a “kidult”.
I drew a young adult playing with toys while seating on a bike.
The generation born in the 90′s grew up with video games and computers. They like to watch movie adaptations of comics, play video games, collect toys. They are an adult version of kids.
The main difference is that kids play in the grass, they don’t smoke it…

Illustration of a boy on a bike
Illustration of a boy on a bike.

Wife of an NBA player

This wife wears a diamond ring and poses with her two kids. Hopefully the kids will become NBA stars like daddy. Together they live the American dream…

NBA wife artwork
Portrait of a NBA wife with her 2 kids.

Hipsters from around the world

Complex magazine asked me to draw hipsters from around the world.
We have the English hipster, the European one, the hipster from South America, and the black American trendy guy.

Illustration of hipsters
Character illustration for Complex magazine.

Carnival people

For this series I drew carnival attendees.
The girl attends the carnival in New Orleans while the guy takes part of the Brazilian one.
Let’s party!

carnival Drawing
Drawing of people attending carnival parties around the globe.

Complex magazine
Venice masked character for Complex magazine.

Illustrations of men

I love to do character illustration.
It is a fun and challenging experience.
Sometimes the brief is easy, but other illustrations are tricky.
For example, how does a black ecologist entrepreneur looks like?

character illustration for complex magazine
From the hipster to the business man, Complex asked me to draw all kind of characters.

It’s all about girls

Girls are fun to draw.
After all, when I have to sit on my desk for several hours to draw a character, it’s better if it’s a cute girl…

sexy babe illustration
This illustration portrays girls, from the Ibiza Spanish cutie to the typical vegan to the Porn babe.

US tourist in Brazil

When people travel abroad, sometimes things go wrong…

tourist illustration
During is stay in Brazil, this tourist gets over excited by the sexual possibilities.

ways to price my character illustrations

How much does a character illustration by Mega cost?

The price of my illustrations depends on a number of factors.
Please read the following information to better understand how I calculate the price of my work.

Let me answer some common questions about the price of a character illustration:


    I don’t use a daily rate.
    Tell me more about you, explain your project and tell me how you intend to use my work. It is just common sense. An illustration for an international magazine will be more expensive than a drawing for a local publication. Once we agree with the conditions, I will work days and nights until we are fully satisfied with the result.
    Important: Please send all advertising jobs to my representative


    I work fast.
    Usually a week is enough to draw a double spread pages for a magazine. It should take between two weeks to a month for an advertising illustration. As soon as I start, I will put all my efforts, my time and my energy in my work. Everyday, I send you emails with the progress, so you can tell me what you think.
    We can constantly improve the result.




    Of course we can.
    I have worked on several projects with a limited funding. Any idea is worth a conversation.
    Don’t hesitate to send me an email to tell me more.

Do you need a character illustration? Let’s talk!

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