MASTURBATION | Facts, history, practices and social analysis

masturbation illustrationIn-depth and serious article about the social and religious history of masturbation, and today's perception, practices, and medical facts. Being a freelance artist, I know some people assume that I'm a jerk. Well, I actually probably work way more than most of them. Anyway, what is it so bad in masturbation that it can become an insulting word? Some years ago, I wrote an article about the phenomenon for BPM magazine. Don't hesitate to comment below to let me know what you think, and help me Read more [...]

Garbage Pail Kids | JOHN POUND

Garbage Pail Kids cardsGarbage Pail Kids founder John Pound in BPM magazine Here is an article I wrote in french for BPM magazine about John Pound, the legendary founder of the Garbage Pail Kids. More about John and the Garbage Pail kids. CRADE COMME UNE IMAGE Mathieu le Dégeu, Pascal Troudeballe, Renée Morvoné. Ces noms ne vous rappellent rien ? Nous sommes au début des années 90 et un gang de scatophiles est en train d'envahir les cours de récréations. Ils se font appeler La Bande Des Crados et sont Read more [...]


Portrait of the street artist Swoon in actionSwoon, inspiring street artist Street art can be poetic, touching and beautiful. Swoon is American street artist who specializes in life-size wheat paste prints and paper cutouts of figures. She started doing street art around 1999, after moving to New York City. This urban art recognized veteran is still very active today with a lot of exhibitions around the world. Surprisingly, one of the influences of this American artist can be found in Indonesia. Some of her artworks were inspired by the Read more [...]


Tyson Mc Adoo invisible sexy chickTyson Mc Adoo draws sexy girls. And I love girls too. Every Wednesday, I decided to post what is becoming your favorite collection of illustrated babes. This week, I focussed on the artworks of the English artist Tyson Mc Adoo. I particularly love his invisible series that shows girls under wears in suggestive positions. More artworks of sexy chicks You can also find all my posts presenting artworks inspired bysexy girls here. Looking at the inspiring artworks, I have to say that I think that Read more [...]

History of gang culture in America | BOYZ ‘N THE BLOOD

estevan oriolThe history of gang culture in America. A four pages article for the 'Red' issue of WAD magazine. The great photographer Estevan Oriol liked it and gave me some of his photo to illustrate it! Learn more about the history of gang culture in the USA. Do you know how the battle between the Crips and The Bloods first started? We could hardly deal with the theme of 'Red' in urban culture without going to Los Angeles. It may be the City of Angels and all possibilities, but Los Angeles is also Read more [...]

KOA | Art direction for L’Attrape Rêve fanzine

Attrape Reve cover by KoaKoa take control of an art publication. For the third issue, the art publication Attrape Rêve asked the French artist Koa to take care of the art direction. This publication brings together various artworks, and is available in a limited edition in a couple of shops in Paris, from the Centre Georges Pompidou to La Galerie du Jour to the Palais de Tokyo. Hurry to get yours. Mega will be the next one... More about the inspiring artist. Feel free to check the video presentation of Read more [...]

ALEXONE | Michto Le Chien Chaud sculpture by YOMEK

Michto Le Chien Chaud is bronze sculpture made by Yomek for AlexoneAlexone sculpture Michto Le Chien Chaud. Yomek just released a new bronze piece called Michto Le Chien Chaud for AlëxOne. This 1st Black Bronze Cast was presented at Galerie LJ in Paris and produced in a super limited quantity of 8. More about Yomek. More about the French artist Alexone. Read more [...]


Artwork of a sexy girl trying a bikiniChris Sanders draws sexy girls and I love his artworks. I like girls. Every Wednesday, your favorite collection of illustrated babes. This week, LA artist Chris Sanders, who joined Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1987 as the first person hired into Feature Animation’s newly formed visual development department. He worked on Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, or Mulan. After 20 successful and inspired years at Disney Animation, Sanders recently moved to Dreamworks Animation where he is currently Read more [...]

Interesni Kazki | STREET ART OF THE WEEK

Inspiring street painting on a buildingInteresni Kazki is a street artist duo from Ukraine. Sometimes street art feels like classic wall painting. Interesni Kazki is a street artist Ukranian duo from the new generation. The duo's member are AEC and Waone. Their art feels lie it could have been made in an other era. And I mean that like a nice thing. Because maybe that's what happen when your art is timeless. More about the Ukrainian street art duo Interesni Kazki. Read more [...]

Stanley Lau aka Artgerm | SEXY GIRLS OF THE WEEK

Another artwork of a sexy girl with big boobs by artgermStanley Lau aka Artgerm is a Singapore artist who draw sexy girls inspired by super heroes. I like girls. Every Wednesday, your favorite collection of illustrated babes. This week, Singapore artist Stanley Lau aka Artgerm. Born and bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Stanley wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director and co-founder of Imaginary Friends Studios — a world acclaimed digital art studio that produces high quality artworks for the likes of Capcom, Read more [...]