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Burning Ink poster

Discover the poster I created for the Burning Ink exhibition at Bleu Noir in Paris.

Burning Ink exhibition poster by Mega
This is the original artwork I’ve done for the Burning Ink exhibition.


The concept behind the Burning Ink exhibition is really unique.
Visitors will not go home with the artworks they have just bought. Really? Really…
At least not in the form you could expect.
If somebody like what he sees and want to buy the artwork, a professional tattoo artist will ink it on their skin.
All designs are unique and done exclusively for this tattoo exhibition.
At the end of the exhibition when the show is over, the gallery doesn’t take down the artworks.
All the original drawings and designs are burnt during a live party!

Burning Ink is a creative art exhibition that tells us a story between design, art, and tattoo.


Let see again what is the idea behind this art show.
The concept is really nice:

  1. The artists draw illustrations.
  2. DC Shoes and Redux exhibit the artworks.
  3. People come and if someone want to buy an artwork, he will get the drawing tattooed on his body.
  4. After the show we burn all the artworks.

Cool right?

Flyer of the tattoo exhibition in Paris
Flyer of the tattoo exhibition in Paris.


The exhibition was organized by Redux magazine and DC Shoes.
It was not held in a simple art gallery, but at Bleu Noir which is probably the best tattoo parlor in Paris.
Bleu Noir is a tattoo parlor opened by Jeykill and Veenom, two visual artists turned who became tattoo artists.

The artists invited for this show were people like myself, Supakitch, Koralie or Amandine Urruty.

Did you like this art exhibition was inspiring?
Check the Geneva edition of Burning Ink.

burning ink geneva logo