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BPM magazine

In 2003, I became the Art Director of BPM magazine.

cover of bpm magazine in france


BPM magazine was a lifestyle publication from France.
Our focus was to deliver the best of urban lifestyle and music every two months.
The content featured both emerging faces and international icons of the street culture.
Back in the days, BPM was one of the only publication to present a fresh and appealing vision of the urban lifestyle.

Before I took the art direction, the publication used to commission me for drawings to illustrate their content.
After a couple of years they asked me if I wanted to become their art director.
I was happy to accept and it was a nice experience.
Feel free to check my profile if you want to learn more about my artistic experiences.

BPM magazine

An issue featuring John Pound, the founder of the Garbage Pail Kids.
I also wrote the article. Read the article about John Pound if you want to practice your French.

For another issue I asked the fashion photographer Florent Demarchez to do a crazy shoot with the electro band dDamage.
This mag was an opportunity to meet creative people from Paris. Photographers, musicians, visual artists, you name it.
Most of them became close friends until today.

article about nerd in bpm magazine

Zoot Woman and Lacquer

As I told you I used to do a lot of illustrations for the previous creative team.
I was even commissioned to illustrate one of their front cover.
I did this drawing with my friend Delarocca.
Zoot woman is an English electronic music band and Lacquer is an electronic musician.
This is a pretty old job. For more recent works, check my artworks on magazines and album covers.

Zoot Woman and Lacquer

Zoot Woman and Lacquer

zoot woman and lacquer illustration
    NAME: BPM magazine.
    POSITION: Art director.
    CONTENT: Urban cultures, street art, hip-hop.
    YEAR: 2003 to 2004.
    PUBLISHER: Planet Communication.
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