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Attrape Reve

L’Attrape Reve is a french art publication. They invited me for a special “Mega” issue with 40 pages of exclusive artworks.

attrape reve magazine cover


L’Attrape Reve is a really cool art publication made in France.
They invited me to work on their new issue. I have decided to produce a new series of exclusive artworks I called Never Fight Fair With A Stranger.
On October 6th 2012, the publication was officially launched in Paris. We presented the publication along the artworks I did for my new solo exhibition at Sergeant Paper gallery.
Many people came to the opening and it was a really fun night with a lot of art lovers and good vibes.
More about the art publication l’Attrape Rêve.

Preview of the exclusive artworks


On every issue, l’Attrape Reve invite an artist and give him a total freedom to fill the publication.
It took me two months to prepare this special Mega issue of l’Attrape Reve. I drew all the masked characters separately and then putted them together. It was two months of intensive work but I wanted to achieve a cool result.
This result was an awesome banner you can now see inside the book. This was the first full-color issue ever and I was happy to collaborate with the people behind l’ATR.

Illustration of a masked character in the jungle for ATR

back cover of this limited edition

Never Fight Fair With A Stranger

Feel free to have a look at the amazing video of this art project.
This is an animated video of the 8,4 meters illustration I drew for the “special Mega” issue of l’Attrape Rêve art publication.

Discover the Attrape Reve video:

Drawing of a nude girl with a mask

    NAME: Never Fight Fair With A Stranger.
    POSITION: Featured artist and art director.
    CONTENT: Art, illustration, music.
    YEAR: 2012.
    PUBLISHER: L’Attrape Reve.
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    never fight fair with a stranger logo