ART SHOWS recap | Solo and group exhibitions openings



Prepare a story during 6 months.
Show it to art lovers during 2 weeks.

Click on any of the artworks bellow to see pictures of the exhibition‘s opening:

solo exhibition recap federation square melbourne


Solo exhibition during Carbon festival in Melbourne.

Discover my exhibition in

opening night art solo exhibition berlin gallery


Solo exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

Discover my exhibition in

art shows recap of my solo exhibition in barcelona spain


Discover the pics of my solo exhibition in Spain.

Discover my exhibition in

Solo exhibition recap in Adelaide Australia


Art show in Adelaide, Australia.

Discover my exhibition in

Live drawing during the Mega week in Paris


Series of solo art events in Paris, France.

Discover my exhibition in

solo show recap in malaysia


Solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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burning ink exhibition opening


Group exhibition Burning Ink at Square gallery in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Art shows in Atrium section of Melbourne Federation Square


Solo exhibition in Federation Square in Melbourne.

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Opening exhibitions
Art shows recaps

Discover art pieces I did for solo exhibitions and collective art shows.
I’ve exhibited my artworks in France, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, Malaysia, and Spain.

Work hard and play hard.

solo exhibitions
& 16 group shows around the world


Learn more about my journey into the art world.
Art exhibitions, conferences, special events and nice people.

Check the timeline bellow to see my past exhibitions:

  • 2007
    FORWARD | France:
    Post-graffiti exhibition curated by Redux at l’Espace Beaurepaire in Paris.

  • 2008
    NO COMPLY | Australia:
    World-class group exhibition featuring art legends and emerging leaders from around the world.

  • 2009
    FORWARD 3 | France:
    Post-graffiti exhibition at la Galerie Du Jour for Agnès b.

  • 2010
    Alongside Thierry Mugler and Castelbajac for the official Lady Gaga exhibition in Paris.

  • 2011
    LONGING TO BE KNOTTED TOGETHER | Australia / Asia / Europe:
    Series of solo exhibitions in Asia-Pacific and Europe.
    Melbourne (Federation Square).
    Sydney (China Heights).
    Adelaide (Magazine).
    Jakarta (Salihara).
    Kuala Lumpur (Stussy flagship store).
    Berlin (Zirkumflex).
    Paris (Sergeant Paper).
    Marseille (Atelier National).

  • 2012

    Solo exhibition of an awesome series of handmade artworks at Sergeant Paper gallery in Paris.
    Mega party with a live drawing session at the Favela Chic.
    Signature session at the Palais De Tokyo.

  • 2013
    KIRTIMUKHAS | Spain:

    Solo exhibition in Barcelona. I presented a new series of handmade drawings at Miscelanea gallery.

Let’s do an exhibition!

Tell me more about you.
Do you want me to come for an art conference? Do you want to feature one of my artworks in your collective exhibition?
Let’s make it happen!
Drop me an email to tell me more.



Look at the map bellow to see some of my past art exhibitions in Europe and Asia-Pacific:

europe asia map





Exhibitions are a good opportunity to explore new aspects of my work.
When I prepare an new exhibition I have no brief. I am free to try new tools, new techniques. I have more time to sit back and think about the story I will tell you. This is different with illustration, product design, or in art direction when I usually work with a tight deadline.
Exhibitions are also a good way to meet talented people and share experiences.
After months of work in my Balinese studio, it’s amazing to meet art enthusiasts and exchange ideas.

See you soon!

My opening art exhibitions are always a great opportunity to make new friends:

solo exhibition recap federation square melbourne
Discover my solo exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne, during my series of events around Asia and Europe. The Melbourne stop was part of the Carbon festival.
opening night miscelanea gallery barcelona
In 2013 I presented some handmade drawings during a solo exhibition at Miscelanea gallery in Barcelona. During the show, I also painted a character on one of the walls.
opening night art solo exhibition berlin gallery
I love Berlin. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city. It was a pleasure to present my exhibition in Germany and spend times with my friends at Zirkumflex gallery.

general tips


The opening night of your art exhibition is important.
After months of hard work in your studio, you finally show the result to people.
Here is a series of 18 tips to organize a successful opening art exhibition.

  1. PREPARE AWESOME ARTWORKS | Amaze people with your art.
    1. Make sure that you have enough work. Nothing is more frustrating than coming to an exhibition to see only 4 or 5 small pieces on the walls. Take the gallery’s size into consideration and make a good job during the installation.
    2. Be awesome. Work hard and prepare a series of outstanding artworks.
    3. People come to see you. They want to see artworks related to your earlier shows. If your work took a totally new direction, mix the pieces with artworks from your previous “style”. You don’t want to confuse the visitors and the buyers with artworks that look like another artist made them .
  2. When I work on a new solo exhibition, it takes me an average of 5 months to prepare the artworks.
  3. CREATE THE BUZZ | A successful opening art exhibition brings a lot of visitors.
    1. Write a press release. Find an interesting angle and write what you want to read. Dress a list of all the magazines, newspapers, and websites you like. Find the name of a journalist and send him the press release personally. Never send a group email.
    2. Send a newsletter to all your personal and professional contact.
    3. Post an announcement on your website and share it on the social networks. Do an “event” on Facebook and invite all your contacts.
  4. SET UP | Quality is in details.
    1. Display an artist’s statement near the entrance. You may not talk with every visitor. Give them an opportunity to know what your exhibition is about.
    2. Display a short auto-biography bellow the artist’s statement. People want to know you better and see what you have done before.
    3. Hire a photographer. If you organize the best exhibition in the world, you should have professional pictures to document it.
  5. ENTERTAIN | Make sure your visitors stay.
    1. Free drinks are good. Everybody loves free drinks. Curious people will come from the street to see what is going on.
    2. if you don’t know any DJ prepare a playlist.
    3. Welcome people and be nice. Talk to strangers and don’t spend all night in a corner of the gallery with your friends. Potential buyers like to meet the artist and you can meet your friends every day.
  6. Every time I do a solo exhibition in Paris, my friend DJ Gero comes to play tunes during the opening night. Thank you bro, it is really appreciated!
  7. BE PRO | Do you want people to take you seriously? Act like a pro.
    1. Don’t get drunk during your own opening. It is tempting to release the pressure after months of hard work. You have all your friends but don’t act like a fool. Stay sober, talk with people and be nice.
    2. Prepare a stock of business cards. During your opening night, you will meet buyers, journalists, and art enthusiasts who invite you to future group exhibitions or projects. Without business card you will miss future opportunities.
    3. Be nice and explain you art. Try to talk to everybody and be the focal point of the night. You want everybody to remember how talented, humble and nice you are.
  8. Several times I was stone during my opening exhibitions. After months locked in my studio, I was happy to spend quality times with my friends. Too much weed means less sales…
  9. AFTER THE SHOW | When the show is over, your work is not.
    1. Post a report on your website. Visitors who see the report will want to come to your next exhibition.
    2. Contact magazines, websites and newspaper to send them the pictures and a nice text to explain what happened during of the opening.
    3. Prepare your future exhibition. Dress a list of the good and the bad points of this show. Learn from your mistakes and improve.
  10. I can’t tell you how many times this happened to me. I take part in a group exhibition abroad and the gallery is not able to send me a single decent picture after the show. This is very frustrating.

I hope that you enjoyed this simple list of 18 tips to organize a successful opening art exhibition.

To see my paintings, drawings and screen prints, check my artworks.


art shows recap pop

Recent Posts

Mega original artworks available

Some Mega original artworks are now for sale on Sergeant Paper website.

Sergeant Paper is a French art gallery located in Paris.
The prestigious Parisian art space hosted my 2012 solo exhibition called I Just Murdered The Alphabet.
They now offer you the perfect opportunity to buy exclusive Mega original artworks hand made and signed.
More about Sergeant Paper gallery.

antton mega original artworka sergeant paper

ANTTON | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork ANTTON.

When I drew those original artworks, I was inspired by everything related to the art of drawing letters.
Traditional font design, graffiti, psychedelic movement, hand made sign paintings, and more.

dimitri mega original artworks sergeant paper

DIMITRI | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DIMITRI.

The texts included in the artworks is a selection of inspiring hip-hop punchlines.
The exhibition was an opportunity to express both my love for art and rap music.

sergeant paper mega original artwork

DARIO | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork DARIO.

The art series is part of my Société Des Griffeurs cycle.
I intend to develop this cycle throughout various projects, like the publication I art directed for l’Attrape Rêve.

mega original artwork for sale sergeant paper gallery

JOACHIM | Original artwork | Silver ink on 180g art paper | 50x70cm | 2012 | Signed | 450€

More informations about the original handmade artwork JOACHIM.

The nice pictures were taken by the people from Sergeant Paper gallery, inside their art space in Paris. Thanks guys!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the combination of my masked characters, and the inspiring hip-hop punchlines that I drew.
The series offers you the amazing opportunity to buy Mega original artworks, and to offer the perfect gift to one of your loved ones.

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