Advertising illustration


Advertising illustration

I love to create clean, unique and elegant illustrations for advertising.

To me a good advertising should be simple, beautiful, and effective.

Advertising for Volkswagen

Client: Volkswagen, Agence V.
I did these drawings for the “Tiguan”, a new car by Volkswagen.
The agency asked me to draw the car in a jungle.
They also produced a TV ad to launch the car.

mega advertising illustration for volkswagen

Illustration Volkswagen

I like to draw vehicles.
I’m currently working on a new series about motorbikes.
Check this website because I will release pictures soon.

advertising artwork
I love to draw for advertising

Advertising agencies give precise briefs.
Good briefs make my life easier.
When the customer is good at telling me what he wants, I am good at producing a slick artwork he will love.
If you are one of these customers, don’t hesitate to use my contact section to tell me what you need.

Advertising for Nike ID

Client: Nike ID.
Play with colors and have fun.
“What happen if you take a superhero and change his colors? Would people still recognize him?”
Hulk would become a yellow character, Spiderman a pink one, etc.
Nike loved the idea. We did children drawings with fun colors.

Advertising of superheroes for Nike ID

Advertising illustration for Nike ID.

Who is the sexy girl in the picture?
Yasmine was a nice girl shot by David Zacharias.

Nike Air 180

LaSer banking payment solution

Client: LaSer, creative customer-value company.
This advertising illustration was for a financial group.
To make a long story short, LaSer is a multi-national company who offers solutions for banking payments.
The agency asked me to draw young and trendy customers.

character drawing for LaSer banking payment

Artwork for LaSer by mega

LaSer offers tailor-made payment solutions for retailers and brands. They provide secured payment systems for large e-commerce and global companies. They work for customers such as BNP bank or Lafayette group. This multi-national also provides a range of financial services and insurances.

Character design advertising

Advertizing for the french government

Illustration advertising for La Poste
Client: La Poste.
La Poste is the french post office.
I did a series of drawings to promote their services.

Advertising for Autobiz

Client: Autobiz.
Autobiz is an automotive information’s leader.
This advertising shows the brand values with a handmade font.


facts about advertising illustration


With bold colors and clean lines, illustrations are a good way to convey a powerful message.
Let’s see why illustration is now back in the advertising industry? A little history and some common sense allows us to predict future trends.

Let’s see how illustrations can become the perfect answer to commercial needs:


    Illustration has been a marketing tool for as long as we can remember.
    Back to the 15th century – ages before the rise of photography – artists used illustration to bring written words to life.
    Historically, marketing have always used illustration to fulfill commercial needs.
    After World War Two, photography slowly replaced illustration as a medium to promote a brand or a product.
    Today, photographic images dominate the advertising world because elder customers believe that cameras don’t lie.


    The game is changing.
    Today’s teenagers were born in a world where digital cameras and photo editing software were already available. They understand the limitations of photography and manipulate images with applications such as Pinterest or Instagram.
    Everybody plays games, watches cartoons, and uses Softwares on his smart phones.
    For the past ten years illustration came back in advertising.
    Advertising illustration is slowly creeping back into the commercial and retail sectors.


    In a world saturated with photographs, illustration is the perfect way to stand out from the competition.
    Drawings are a unique and clever way to promote a brand.
    Illustration allows more flexibility and creates a cohesive brand message across all marketing materials.
    The strength of advertising illustration lies in its ability to convey abstract and conceptual messages.
    With maps, fonts and symbols, illustration can make an image easy to understand, breaking the conventional rules of representation.

If you need an illustration to promote your brand, send me an email.