ACCLAIM MAGAZINE | Art direction for the australian urban publication


Acclaim magazine

In 2006 and 2007 I was in charge of the Art direction of Acclaim magazine in Australia.

fashion photo for acclaim magazine in melbourne

a magazine about street cultures

From November 2006 to July 2007 I was living in Sydney where I took the Art Direction of the Australian & New Zealander street lifestyle magazine called ACCLAIM.
They hired me to give the title a new visual orientation.
Before I worked in Australia, Acclaim was a street fanzine turned into a rap magazine.
The publication had a lot of followers but the audience was mostly restricted to hip-hop heads.
The founders hired my friend Pierre as the new editor-in chief. They chose me to take control of the visual department.
The idea was to explore new fields and to expand the editorial and visual contents of the publication.
It felt like working on a new title and the founder gave us a total freedom to turn the rap magazine into a successful lifestyle publication.

layout and graphic design for Acclaim magazine

A new direction

We transformed the mag and turned it into what became the most successful lifestyle publication in Australia and New Zealand.
Acclaim magazine quickly became the entertaining alternative for those interested in street lifestyle and contemporary culture.
We covered new fields such as urban musics, fashion, clothes, extreme sports or cars. We also talked about toys, street art, video games, books, sex, and anything linked to the street cultures.
We also used this space of expression to publish in-depth articles on serious topics. We wrote articles about racism in Australia, the history of gang culture in the US, or an analysis of the crisis in Darfur.

Cover for Acclaim magazine
Cover for Acclaim magazine. I combined fashion and style with a urban vibe.

A great experience

Working as an art director for Acclaim magazine was a great experience.
The publisher trusted my visual skills and I was free to feature my favorite illustrators and photographers.
I worked with talents such as Jon Burgerman, Mike Giant or Rose Hardy.
After a year of hard work I felt that I completed the job they hired me for. I left the publication and remained close friends with the owner.
During 2 years after my departure I still worked freelance for the magazine and was in charge of a section dedicated to visual arts.
More recently Andrew Montell (the owner) invited to exhibit my artworks in Federation Square in Melbourne as part of an event he organized.

Example of double spread pages I did as an art director

    NAME: Acclaim magazine.
    POSITION: Art director.
    CONTENT:Urban lifestyle, street art, fashion, hip-hop.
    YEAR: 2006 to 2007.
    PUBLISHER: Mushroom Group.
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