GUILLAUMIT new video
The 1000 People Band

Guillaumit new animated video has just been released

The artist Guillaumit has created a new animated video for his musical project Gangpol & Mit.
I asked some questions to the illustrator, who tells us more about this visual extension of his musical live project.


Enter the world of Guillaumit

Can you tell us a little bit more about Gangpol & Mit?
We are a duo consisting of a musician and a designer – animator, and we worked together for almost 10 years.
Our schedule is divided between many audiovisual concerts and studio work, expo, books, orders …

What was the concept behind this video?
This video is an online variation of The band 1000 people live concert you can see below.
We wanted to see a large number of musicians, each with its specific identity, and to confront them in unlikely, coherent, and balanced way. The encounters works miraculously for the time of a song.

How did you work on the animation?
We started thinking about this video about 6 months ago. I first created all the characters, then I had fun to combine them together. To animate this little world, I worked with Florian Teyssié, which did about half of the animation work.
The sync work with the music was eventually done step by step, according to the evolution of the songwriting… A nightmare.

What connection do you do between visual design and musical creation with Gangpol & Mit?
We are currently exploring a specific form of cartoon musical that links both. The virtual characters play music, be it in a video like this one, or with us on stage during the concerts. We keep a classical narrative approach in the content or the music. We don’t do, for example, pure abstract sound or graphics.

What projects are you working on nowadays?
With Sylvain we are working on a version 2.0 of the drawing tables.
We want to build furnitures and musical instruments with further interactions between image and sound.
In addition we still have a lot of Gangpol & Mit concerts scheduled.

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