Tattoo Age by Vice video

Full series of the video about US tattoo artist Mike Rubendall by Vice for the Tattoo Age series.

Video about the famous American tattoo artist called Mike Rubendall.
Vice Tattoo Age video series introduce Mike Rubendall from Massapequa, New York. In the series we learns about his unique work, visits his tattoo shop, Kings Avenue Tattoo, and meets his mentors and friends, including Danish tattoo legend, Henning Jorgensen, Frank Romano, and acclaimed actor Steve Guttenberg.
More about the US tattoo artist Mike Rubendall.
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Huge black and white back tattoo by Mike Rubendall tattoo age

Huge black and white back tattoo by Mike Rubendall, the artist presented in the tattoo age series.

Vice Tattoo Age Part. 1 video about Mike Rubendall.

Here comes the first part of Mike Rubendall presentation for the Vice Tattoo Age series from Vice video.
The talented US tattoo artist takes us with him in a tour inside his neighborhood.
In this video Mike Rubendall shows us the little town where he spent his childhood.
This video his a great opportunity to discover the artist in his working environment.
Mike Rubendall also brings us in his tattoo shop called Kings Ave Tattoo.
Get inspired and get inked!

Amazing tattoo by Mike Rubendall Vice Tattoo Age

Amazing tattoo by Mike Rubendall

Mike Rubendall video for Vice Part.2.

Here comes the second part of the Tattoo Age series directed by Vice video.
In this new video, Mike Rubendall talks about his beginings as a tattoo artist.
He told us how he was guided by the tattoo veteran and his close friend Frank Romano.
You will also see exclusive footage of Mike getting inked by the legendary Filip Leu.

Front tattoo by Mike Rubendall

Front tattoo by Mike

Mike Rubendall final video by Vice.

Here comes the final part of the Tattoo Age series from Vice video.

In this video you will learn more about the inspiring American tattoo artist.
Mike owes two shops and has three children.
The artist also has to face a high demand and must organize a hectic tattoo schedule.
Watch the video to discover how Mike is able to meet the deadlines and make it works.

Tattoo Mike Rubendall

Tattoo by the US artist Mike Rubendall

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