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Full video series about tattoo artist Grime by Vice Tattoo Age

Grime tattoo trailer of the video series brought to you by Vice.

I like free stuffs.
I like cool tattoo artists with a personal vision.
I don’t know much about moral values.
So when the Brooklyn headquarter of Vice magazine contacted me yesterday to tell me about their new video series involving tattoo and filth, I mean Grime, I knew I had to like it.
Check the official website of the tattoo studio managed by artist Grime.

grime hand tattoo

Slap people with style with a Grime hand tattoo

Grime is a great tattoo artist and he runs a tattoo studio called >Skull and Sword.
The guy used to work with tattoo legend Ed Hardy (such a shame that Christian Audigier turned the name and awesome artworks into an embarrassing T-shirt brand).
Grime now works with cool cats including Lango who I previously interviewed for Acclaim magazine in Australia a couple of years ago.
I did post the Lango interview here if you feel like you want to discover more inspiring tattoo artworks.

As for now you can enjoy the trailer of the Vice video as part of their Tattoo Age series that was released this morning.

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Grime tattoo is presented in a cool video brought to you by Vice.

First installment of Grime’s series
In this video series Vice let us know more or discover Grime tattoo style.
We meet Skull and Sword, the other tattooers at Grime’s shop.
We also learn how they strive to be constantly evolve and improve in their tattooing skills.
Vice started this series with a cool trailer last week.
Grime grew up in Grand Junction, which is a little town located in the USA.
As a teenager he was part of a small group of skaters and punk rockers.
The artist was a great skater before he caught the tattoo virus.
Before the internet era, his close friend and self-taught creative Chris Rupp showed him the basic skills of tattoo.
Influenced by people like Marcus Pacheco, Filip Leu, Ed Hardy, Aaron Cain or Timothy Hoyer, he enter the world of skin ink to become a start of the genre.
Discover more about Grime in this video presentation by Vice.

grime tattoo portrait

Portrait of the tattoo artist Grime

Second installment of the Grime video series by Vice

In this new video, Grime explains us a little more about his background.
He tells us how he used to be a young skateboarder in Grand Junction, Colorado.
At the time he was thinking that his future was in mathematics.
Learn how he bacame one of the most famous artist in the world of inking.
Vice series about theUS tattoo artist Grime continues.

Arm tattoo by the US artist Grime

Arm tattoo by the US artist Grime

Last installment of Grime’s series

This third installment of the video series brought to you by Vice shows you more about the US tattoo artist.
The tattooist tells us how he previously self-published two books based on his own art.
Grime also explain us his inner need to create all the time in order be satisfied.
More about this inspiring series by Vice

Chest tattoo by the US artist Grime

Chest tattoo by the US artist Grime

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