TRISTAN KERR | Interview with the Australian artist

Various screen-prints by the Australian artist Tristan KerrInterview with Tristan Kerr, a font artist based in Adelaide, Australia. When I was in Adelaide for my Longing To Be Knotted Together tour, I met a cool, soft and educated artist named Tristan Kerr. Cool, soft, and educated ? I swear I was in Australia. The talented and civilized artist is a font master, and I was happy to exchange some of my screen-prints with a couple of his beautiful artworks. Living in Bali, I dream about an Australia with more Tristan Kerrs, and less shameless bogans (I mean Read more [...]

JASPER WONG | Interview with the Hong Kong artist

Series of artworks exhibited by the Hong Kong artist Jasper WongHong Kong artist Jasper Wong tell us more about his artworks and working process in this exclusive interview. I don't like to say nice words unless I really mean it. That being said, Jasper Wong is one of the nicest, coolest, truest and funniest guy I've met in the past 10 years (don't ask me why I chose 10). If you are Australian and like footy, Jasper looks exactly the same like Bobby Hundreds (come on Bobby is a big black dude, isn't he?). But if you are Mega, Jasper looks like the awesome Read more [...]

JAVIER DE RIBA | Interview with the Spanish artist

Javier De Riba ReskateJavier De Riba tells us more about his artworks in an exclusive interview. When I was at in Berlin for my exhibition at Zirkumflex gallery, I met the spanish guys (sorry, I meant girls) from Lamono magazine, as well as Javier De Riba from Reskate!. The man gave me what I must say was the best business card ever (made of wood covered with skateboard grip), and happened to be really cool. A good opportunity to practice a lil bit of spanish and talk about his projects. Now you are lucky too, not Read more [...]

KELLY SALIH | Interview with the English artist

Artwork by the English artist Kelly SalihKelly Salih tells us about her artistic background in an exclusive interview. When I decided to post some news about Jeremyville and Buff Monster last exhibition in NYC, I met (well virtually) Kelly Salih. Next thing I did is to google the girl name (come on that's not stalking ;) ), and found out that she was a cool artist too. She answered a couple of questions for us straight away. So internet can be a useful tool, and not only for creepy stalkers like me. More about the English artist Kelly Read more [...]

HATEMACHINE 666 | Interview with the Balinese artist

Hatemachine 666 avatarHatemachine 666 tells us more about his artworks in an exclusive interview. The man behind Hatemachine 666 is my best friend in Bali. When lunch time is ringing, I like to stop working and meet the talented artist and owner of the brand Stormbridge for a yummy balinese dish such as lawar (pork and pig's blood with rice and spices) or be celeng (suckling pig). Then we usually talk about some of our favorite topics like design, balinese culture, or girls (the married man is way more serious than Read more [...]

JON BURGERMAN | Interview with the English artist

Burgerman charactersExclusive interview with the English artist Jon Burgerman. Jon Burgerman and I share the same French agent called Lezilus (hi Lezilus!). Jon grew up in England on a diet of Walkers crisps and lemon Tango, doodling through his lessons at school, barely paying enough attention to hear when the teacher was telling him off for not paying attention.He then went to study Fine Art at University in Nottingham (where he still lives now) and paid just a tiny bit more attention… but not that much more. Read more [...]

ROSE HARDY | Interview with the NZ tattoo artist

Rose Hardy back tattooRose Hardy interview. Rose Hardy is probably the funniest person I've interviewed, and on top of that her work is super super rad. Kiwi rules! Published in Acclaim magazine. More about the NZ tattoo artist Rose Hardy. Auckland-based Rose Hardy is probably one of the most exciting new tattooer coming out of the New Zealand scene. Confirmed airbrush painter, she’s also the daughter of Ed Hardy… Not the original tattoo legend though, but a kiwi homonym actually not related at all (funny Read more [...]