SPETO | Brazilian street art

graphic design street artInterview with legendary brazilian street artist Speto. When I interviewed Rodrigo Level, the brazilian street artist cited Speto as one of his influences. As a matter of fact, Speto is one the graffiti pioneer in Brazil. Nothing would have been the same without this guy who as been involved in the street art for the past 27 years. Who can beat that? More about Speto. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF I am Speto , I am 40 years old, I was Born in Sao Paulo City, and I have been doing graffiti over Read more [...]

Pagina Invalida interview in Brazil

ultradyne drawing megaMega interviewed in the Brazilian website Pagina Invalida. A quite old interview with the great Brasilian website Pagina Invalida. PAGINA INVALIDA Mega is a French graphic. In the following interview he will tell us about the creative process behind his illustrations. He will also tell us about his future plans, including a potential trip to Brazil. Discover more about this creative figure. TELL US ABOUT YOUR ARTISTIC BACKGROUND, WHERE DOES YOUR NAME COME FROM? Hi Pagina Invalida, Read more [...]

LANGO | Interview with the tattoo artist

Nice ink on neck by LangoLango is a legendary tattoo and street artist I interviewed when I was working for Acclaim magazine. With a constant increasing quantity of new faces showing up every morning, it is currently essential to find new perspectives for whom who hope to unite personal creations and commercial success in the trendy landscape of tattooing. With nearly twenty years of practice, the Brazilian artist Lango today masters various tools like Guns, brushes, or even spraycans, with a highly recognizable and tasteful Read more [...]

Rodrigo Level interview | STREET ART OF THE WEEK

Illustration artwork by Rodrigo LevelRodrigo Level is a Brazilian street artist I interviewed for this art blog. Peace and chaos. I wouldn't find better words to describe this land of contrast. Living in Brazil for a year I saw those 10% of the rich brazilian people living in a mental and social ghetto, afraid with the guns, sex, music, soul, friendship, violence and love that you find everywhere in the other 90% of the population. Rodrigo Level is a real artist with both the talent and the brain. His art is beautiful, real, brazilian. More Read more [...]


Exhibition by Os GemeosOs Gemeos is an inspiring duo of Brazilian street artists. Every week, I try my best to bring you a selection of the best Street Art images. This week, I show you some nice artworks made by the Brazilian duo of artists Os Gemeos. Gemeos means "Twins" in Portuguese, the language of Brazil. The street artists are actually identical twin brothers in the real life. Their artworks built one of the biggest influences in the Brazilian graffiti scene since their beginnings in the late 80's. If you Read more [...]