I Just Murdered The Alphabet reviews

I Just Murdered The Alphabet reviews I Just Murdered The Alphabet has been reviewed in many magazines, blogs, websites, and various medias. Here are some of the titles who talked about my art project. ◀ check the complete solo art exhibition. DESIGN YOU TRUST Design You Trust is a design community who review new design trends, art events and... Mega new series. With more than 2 millions page views every month, it's quite a really good deal to be featured in this blog founded in 2007 by Read more [...]

KILL PIXIE | Interview with the Australian artist

Kill Pixie charactersKill Pixie interview "After watching Kill Pixie burning his fingers and his mindframe to the bone, those of us in his immediate vicinity took it upon ourselves to shed some light into this already luminous world of him, just so you know that everything is a-okay. Jaime Fazackerley is a filmmaker of independent skateboarding films, and wears pants that are hemmed to show his socks. George Ribbon recently arrived on our couch, or rather the pull out mattress, from his hometown of NYC, where he Read more [...]

JAMES JIRAT PATRADOON | Interview with the Australian artist

Drawing by the Thai and Australian artistJames Jirat Patradoon interview Born in Thailand and raised in Sydney since the age of one, James Patradoon grew up exposed to the richness of both Asian and Aussie cultures. Spending most of his childhood reading and drawing cartoons, he woke up one day as a teenager facing this terrible truth about his future: no matter the intensity of his passion for superheroes, he won't ever become one of them. So what? Should he renounce without even trying? That's not what a superhero would have done anyway, Read more [...]

JEREMYVILLE | Interview with the Australian artist

Jeremyville vinyl toyJeremyville interview for Acclaim magazine. Interview of the Australian artist Jeremyville. Life is a fairy tale. I did this interview a while ago for Acclaim magazine. More about Jeremyville. Before becoming one of the most recognized Australian artists, the man behind Jeremyville spent a wonderful childhood growing up in Wonderland Avenue, near Bondi in Sydney. The beach boy used to spend a lot of time playing with Lego, Smurfs, sea monkeys, toy soldiers, and reading heaps of Tin Tin, Read more [...]

EAMO | Interview with the Australian artist

Artwork by EamoEamo is an inspiring Australian artist. Coming from an industrial city down south of Oz called Geelong (or 'Geebanger' as the local's call it), Eamo grew up down there and drew his way through school, got out and studied design in Melbourne in 2000. He then worked at various fashion houses around Melbourne until leaving the game early on and giving illustration and art a crack. It has been for four years now that Eamo start killing it, developing a personal and shinny style with this je ne sais Read more [...]

Interview with the Adelaide artist

Portrait of Lisa King creating a street artworkInterview with the inspiring Australian female artist Lisa King. Recently I told you about Lisa King last show Fanciful Faces. I'm back for more, with an interview and more artworks. The artist did a lot of successful shows recently and will come to visit me in the island of gods in December. See you there mate. More about the Australian female artist Lisa King. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF My name is Lisa King. I am 29 years old, I currently weigh 45 kilos, I can drink like a 45 year Read more [...]

PAUL DAVIES | Interview with the Australian painter

Painting on canvas by Paul DavisPaul Davies tells us more about his artworks in an exclusive interview. I first met Paul Davies when I was living in Sydney (Australia), working as an art director for Acclaim magazine. Paul has his studio located at China Heights, the gallery where I was doing the Sydney stop of my last touring exhibition. A good opportunity to meet again and exchange a few words with this nice and talented artist. More about the Australian painter Paul Davies. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF Paul Davies Read more [...]

Beastman interview | STREET ART OF THE WEEK

Element Collective, Gold CoastBeastman tells us more about his influences and his working process in a cool interview. Every week, I bring you a selection of some of the best actors of the Street Art movement. This week, Australian artist Beastman. More about the Australian street artist. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF I have lived and worked in Sydney all my life. I make pictures that I like, both small and large, in the studio and on the street. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WORK? My work is influenced by the beauty Read more [...]

T-WORLD | Interview with magazine founder Eddy Zammit

Portrait Eddy ZammitT-world founder Eddy Zammit tells us more about his magazine. T-world is an Australian magazine dealing with everything hot and new when it comes to… T-shirts I met the editor-in-chief and founder Eddie Zammit (who also runs a tee label) in Melbourne during my exhibition there. We exchange a few words about the industry. More about the magazine WHAT IS T-WORLD?
 This publication is a hardcover magazine focusing solely on T-shirt culture. It is supposed to come out twice a year, but Read more [...]

TRISTAN KERR | Interview with the Australian artist

Various screen-prints by the Australian artist Tristan KerrInterview with Tristan Kerr, a font artist based in Adelaide, Australia. When I was in Adelaide for my Longing To Be Knotted Together tour, I met a cool, soft and educated artist named Tristan Kerr. Cool, soft, and educated ? I swear I was in Australia. The talented and civilized artist is a font master, and I was happy to exchange some of my screen-prints with a couple of his beautiful artworks. Living in Bali, I dream about an Australia with more Tristan Kerrs, and less shameless bogans (I mean Read more [...]